Monday, October 5, 2009

Fireweed Universe-City

The group Fireweed Universe-City got together this saturday to clean out some of these houses. Robinwood, a street located off of Woodward near 7 mile, had two-three occupied houses, while the rest (30-40) are abandoned/arson-ed/forgotten.

Fireweed Universe-City is a grassroots movement to transform a devestated, burnt-out Detroit city block into a sustainable, eco-friendly, intentional community that will be the grounds for urban farming, residential and creative space for artists, healers, musicians, and like-minded, forward-thinking, progressive individuals, families, small businesses, and the surrounding community already in place. Fireweed is a plant that grows in the forest after fires wipe out an area... it revitalizes the land, allowing for new growth to happen, and it's leaves are spiral shaped, like DNA... quite fittingly, we are the FIREWEED OF DETROIT! For more information contact the group through Facebook.

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